Arturo Álvarez announced the end of his marriage to Erika Verástegui: “It was by mutual agreement”

Arturo Álvarez separates from his wife after 10 years of relationship.  (Capture)
Arturo Álvarez separates from his wife after 10 years of relationship. (Capture)

Not everything is happiness for Arturo Alvarez. The actor He has left more than one surprised with the announcement of the end of his marriage. The comedian reported through a statement the official separation from his still wife Erika Verastegui after ten years of having started their sentimental relationship and six years of having celebrated their wedding.

As you remember, the comedian together with the mother of his children gave the long-awaited “Yes, I accept” in a civil and religious ceremony in Cieneguilla in 2016. His wedding was attended by family and close friends. In addition, they danced the theme ‘Hug me very tight’ by Juan Gabriel.

This Monday, December 26, Arturo Alvarez announced that after more than 10 years of romance he will divorce Erika Verastegui. As detailed, the difference between her personalities would have been the trigger to end her love story.

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“After 10 years of living together and 6 years of marriage, the well-known comedian actor and national showman, Arturo Álvarez, announces the divorce from his still wife Erika Verástegui due to incompatibility of characters”,

Likewise, it was made clear that both decided to end their marriage and make their separation public to avoid speculation about their private life. “Both by mutual agreement decided to divorce for the well-being of their two minor children and themselves. They were on good terms.”

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

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During an interview on Carlos Orozco’s YouTube channel, the actor said that among his new plans is to preach the word but without leaving his faithful style of humor. As is known, Álvarez is considered one of the best-known comedians in the medium and has starred in multiple characters that have brought more than a smile.

However, he stopped appearing on the small screen and in July 2022, he confessed that he dedicated himself to learning everything about Christianity. “I have already given myself to the pastor to give him a primary time to help people, to give him a word. I have to soak myself in it. Another of my projects is to give people a voice, but with humor, a fun preaching, entertaining, not putting badges on the saints, not that”.

“I had two stages of depression, I had an emotional crack. They went to the pastor, they helped me that way. I realized that the thing was serious and they captivated me a lot, it was a favor they did me. Now (I am) out of trouble, but it is not that I am claiming victory, ”she added.

Arturo Álvarez and his radical change: he is going to preach the word of God with humor. (VIDEO: YouTube)

Arturo Alvarez He is 54 years old and has developed his talents in comedy and imitation over the last three decades. She has participated in programs such as “Risas de América” ​​and “Recargados de risa.” He is the youngest of three brothers, one of them the renowned Carlos Álvarez.

From the age of 16 he began his artistic career imitating voices as a hobby. Time later he became one of the best-known impersonators nationwide and among his most emblematic imitations are Jimmy Santi, Alán García, José Feliciano, Luis Miguel and Carlos Cacho.

However, for the popular ‘Cheverengue’ not everything has been happiness, because some time ago he admitted that he suffers from depression and lived a terrible moment when he was a victim of scam. He has even been admitted to a hospital to treat his health problems.


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