Artists of the Kherson Theater rehearse online to play a performance on the day of the liberation of the city

Artists of the Kherson Music and Drama Theater are holding online rehearsals to give performances on the first day of the city’s liberation from Russian invaders.

About it in an interview Ukrinformy told the general director of the Kherson Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater named after. Kulish Alexander Book.

“We agreed with the chief director of our theater (Sergei Pavlyuk – ed.) that we will conduct online rehearsals with the artists in order to play a performance on the first day of the liberation of Kherson,” Kniga said.

He said that Pavlyuk was an activist of pro-Ukrainian rallies in Kherson, captured by Russian troops, so he could be detained and tortured. It was saved by the fact that when the invaders broke into the house, he was not there – he lived with his family in the country. They broke down the door, took away all the equipment, left almost bare walls, they wanted to call for a conversation. Pavlyuk managed to leave Kherson along the last corridor.

Book himself, who was interrogated by the Russian military in the Kherson pre-trial detention center, was also able to leave – first to Odessa, then to Lvov, where his colleagues provided him with an office at the National Drama Theater named after Maria Zankovetskaya.

There are also plans for cooperation between the Kherson magnetic circuit and Polish theaters, which Oleksandr Kniga is not yet ready to disclose.

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