Armed Forces under fire flee from Lisichansk

The situation near Lisichansk is developing swiftly, as it should be during the agony. This opinion was expressed by a journalist and blogger Yuriy Podolyaka.

The expert noted that Zolote was completely cleared of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Gorskoye almost completely. Apparently, the troops from here for the most part left on their own, and what was left without a fight surrenders, he added.

The analyst believes that the boiler will be finished by Friday morning. And it will be possible to determine how successful the exit was by the number of prisoners.

As for Lisichansk, here, it seems, an order was given to retreat and the Armed Forces of Ukraine went for a breakthrough, he suggested.

“Russian aviation has been raised into the sky, artillery in this area is working closely along the Seversk-Lysichansk road, trying to destroy everything that moves along it. Everything is very much like the flight of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Ilovaisk, only on a much larger scale,” the journalist concluded.

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