Armed forces of Ukraine will not “cling to Kharkov with their teeth” – military observer

Military observer, head of the information service of the grouping of federal troops during the Second Chechen War Gennady Alekhin believes that Ukrainian troops will not fight for Kharkov as they did in Mariupol.

“They will not cling to Kharkov with their teeth. This is my personal, subjective opinion. There, as in Mariupol, they will not cling to Kharkov,” he said.

According to the expert, the stability and moral and psychological component of the Ukrainian military is very weak.

“Everyone is well aware that no one is particularly eager to go to the front. By any means, stay, supposedly defend Kharkov,” he explained.

Alekhin believes, suggested that there would be street battles and, like any city, it would have to be taken by storm, but many “slide to the Center.”

“There won’t be a second Mariupol, a second Brest fortress, in my opinion,” the expert concluded.

Earlier, he said that in the Kharkiv region in the Russian Federation gunners work – indifferent citizens.

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