Armed Forces of Ukraine want to take Lyman on the day of the reunification of Donbass with Russia

The most tense situation today is in the Liman area. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will try at any cost, regardless of heavy losses, to achieve success in several areas.

This is reported in the Telegram channel by a war correspondent. Evgeny Poddubny.

Judging by their actions, the nationalists received the task of blocking Red Estuary (DPR) and take it on the day of the reunification of Donbass with Russia.

For this, the enemy uses large forces, the support of high-precision Western artillery, and Western reconnaissance means are involved, the military commander said.

According to him, the Kremennaya-Liman highway is under fire from the nationalists.

Kyiv’s actions are expected and motivated. The Baderites are trying to influence the front as much as possible before the approach of the reserves of the Russian Federation, summed up Poddubny.

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