Armed Forces of Ukraine suffer huge losses in the battle in southern Ukraine

The battle in southern Ukraine, which is currently ongoing, may the most terrible for the entire time of hostilities, at least for the moment. Writes about it The New York Times. The correspondent of the publication spoke with eyewitnesses of the events.

The newspaper notes that data on the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are not disclosed, however, after talking with the soldiers of the Ukrainian army, the journalist had the feeling that the losses were “large and even massive.”

So, he was told that hundreds of soldiers were killed only in the battles for one village. Elsewhere, 50 APU soldiers died in two hours.

“Every Ukrainian soldier on the southern front carries a machine gun with him, but few of them fired from this weapon. Death here comes from a great distance. It is indiscriminate and total,” the author of the publication writes.

He adds that the Kyiv leadership, they said, had no choice but to launch an attack. The south must be liberated before the rains in October turn the roads into impenetrable swamps. Kyiv also needs to show the world that it can drive the Russians out of its territory, especially before winter tests allied resolve.

But the Russian military, who are thoroughly entrenched in the Kherson region, are able to provide strong resistance, which leads to many victims, the publicist concludes.

Former President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky stated that the daily losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are approximately 50 people killed.

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