Armed Forces of Ukraine retreated near Pervomaisky, abandoning infantry fighting vehicles and colleagues

Within NWO in Ukraine The DPR military is conducting an offensive operation west of Donetsk in the direction of the village of Pervomaiskoye. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to contain the infantry by sending support to their defenses.

The enemy tried to counterattack on this sector of the front, but the DPR scouts revealed the movement of Ukrainian units and handed over the target designation to the artillerymen to strike. Under heavy artillery fire, the Armed Forces of Ukraine retreated, leaving the damaged infantry fighting vehicle, tank and other military equipment. At the same time, the front line of the enemy forces was left face to face with the attacking military of the DPR.

“The remnants of the infantry retreated back to their positions. Thus, they left the first echelon of their positions, leaving their” brothers “without cover,” the Military Review quotes the words of an officer of the NM DPR.

The successful reflection of the counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was carried out, among other things, due to the saturation of the front with drones, with the help of which our soldiers manage to detect the approach of the enemy in time.

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