Armed Forces of Ukraine pushed back the enemy in the Yuzhnobuzhsky, Avdeevsky and Bakhmut directions

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed the offensive of Russian troops in the Yuzhnobuzhsky and Avdeevsky directions, and also threw back the enemy in the Bakhmut direction, inflicting losses on him.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informs about this in Facebookreports Ukrinform.

According to the General Staff, as of 18:00 on August 3, Volynsky, Polessky and Seversk directions without much change. At the latter, Russian troops fired cannon artillery at the areas of the settlements of Seredina-Buda, Ryzhevka and Zhuravka in the Sumy region.

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On the Kharkiv direction the enemy carried out fire damage from tanks, cannon and rocket artillery in the areas of Duvanka, Dementievka, Zolochev, Prudyanka, Svetlichny, Nursery, Russian Lozova, Lesnoy, Russian Tishkov, Cherkassky Tishkov, Petrovka, Mikhailovka, Korobochkino, Prishib, Pobeda, Ukrainka, Rubizhne, Upper Saltov, Old Saltov, Molodova and Velikaya Babka.

Not far from Prudyanka, the invaders launched an air strike, near Petrovka, Fedorovka and Dementievka they conducted aerial reconnaissance using a drone.

In the areas of Ivanovka, Studenka, Vasilenkovo ​​and Getmanovka, the enemy used electronic warfare equipment.

On the Slavic direction Russian troops fired artillery of various calibers in the areas of Protopopovka, Velyka Kamyshevakha, Mechebilovo, Gusarovka, Chepil, Nortsovka, Dolina, Mazanovka, Krasnopolye, Novopavlovka, Dolgenkoe, Dibrovnoe, Brazhkovka, Vernopolye, Chervonoye, Karnaukhovka, Ridny, Adamovka, Bogorodichny and Mayak .

According to the General Staff, Kramatorsk direction Enemy shelling was recorded near Zvanovka, Starodubovka, Disputed, Seversk, Verkhnekamensky, Piskunovka and Grigorovka.

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On the Bakhmut direction the invaders carried out shelling from tanks, cannon and rocket artillery in the areas of Bakhmut, Bakhmutsky, Berestovo, Soledar, Yakovlevka, Zaitsevo, Travnevoy, Kodema, Mayorsk, Podgorodny, Vesela Dolina, Pokrovsky, Krasnopolovka, Belogorovka, Veselo.

The enemy also launched airstrikes near Bakhmutsky, Soledar, Berestovo, Yakovlevka and Klinovoye.

The troops of the Russian Federation conducted assault operations in the Berestovo region and in the directions of Vladimirovka – Yakovlevka, Pokrovskoye – Bakhmut, Vladimirovka – Soledar, Vidrodzhennya – Kodema, Vidrodzhennya – Zaitsevo, Semigorye – Kodema and Dolomitnoye – Semigorye. The Ukrainian defenders repulsed all assault attempts, throwing enemy units back and inflicting damage on them, the General Staff noted.

According to him, on Avdeevsky direction the enemy shelled the areas of New York, Krasnogorovka, Avdeevka, Peskov, Netaylovo and Kamenka from tanks and artillery.

It is noted that the enemy tried to conduct an offensive in the directions of Novoselovka Second – Krasnogorovka, Spartak – Avdeevka, Vasilyevka – Krasnogorovka, Mineralnoye – Avdeevka and in the direction of Donetsk – Sands, but had no success and retreated.

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On the Novopavlovsk and Zaporozhye directions Enemy shelling was recorded in the areas of Marinka, Novomikhailovka, Bogoyavlenka, Shevchenko, Vladimirovka, Pavlovka, Velyka Novoselka, Ugledar, Prechistovka, Novopol, Zelenoye Pole, Novoselka, Zalichnychnoy, Maly Shcherbakov, Lukyanovsky, Neskuchny, Poltavka, Graves of Storozheva, Olgovsky, Novoandreevka, Novodanilovka , Chervonogo, Belogorye and Vremovka.

Near Novoselka, Novopol and Poltavka, Russian troops carried out airstrikes. All attempts by the invaders to advance in the directions of Maryinka and Belogorka were nullified by the Ukrainian defenders, the General Staff reported.

On the South Buzh direction the enemy fired from tanks, cannon and rocket artillery in the areas of Nikolaev, Pribuzhsky, Zarya, Luch, Posad-Pokrovsky, Limanov, Luparevo, Partizansky, Kobzartsev, Novaya Zarya, Andreevka, Belaya Krinitsa, Chervony Yar, Lepetikha, Galichinovo, Lyubomovka and Chervona Valleys.

Near the Andreevka tract, Russian troops launched an air strike, fought an offensive battle in the direction of Belogorka, but were unsuccessful and retreated.

It is reported that the enemy does not stop conducting aerial reconnaissance by drones.

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In the Black Sea, in readiness for the use of high-precision weapons, Russia keeps two carriers of Caliber sea-based cruise missiles. The threat of missile strikes on military installations and critical infrastructure facilities on the territory of Ukraine remains, the General Staff notes.

At the same time, according to him, the invaders are demoralized by the total resistance of the Ukrainian people, it is increasingly difficult for the Russian command to replenish units that suffer losses in the war.

Russian propaganda continues to lie, inventing non-existent victories and covering up the crimes of its army and mercenaries. In this regard, the General Staff urges citizens to trust information only from trusted sources and not to spread Russian fakes.

As Ukrinform reported, from February 24 to August 3, the defenders of Ukraine eliminated about 41,350 Russian invaders, which is 180 more than the previous day.

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