Armed Forces of Ukraine prefer artillery duels to battles in the city – military commander Kots

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine prefer to “fight from bunkers and basements.” The Russian military and the defenders of Donbass have more combat experience, they know how to fight better in urban areas. This was stated by a war correspondent Alexander Kotswrites sm-news.

According to the journalist, the allied forces look much better. They have extensive experience in fighting in urban conditions, while the enemy is not used to this, but loves artillery duels.

The reporter cites as an example the scouts of the 7th brigade of the LPR, who, according to him, act beautifully and well bypass the enemy.

The AFU militants prefer to be at a distance of a shot from the M-777 howitzer, he added.

The military commissar stressed that Ukrainian soldiers can hide from Russian artillery in bunkers, basements and solitary trenches. However, when it comes to direct confrontation with the use of small arms, they begin to roll back, Kotz concluded.

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