Armed Forces of Ukraine lined up assault columns to capture Krasny Liman

On the eve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine probed the defense of the Russian army and tried to capture the village Torskoe. This was done to take control of the Krasny Lyman-Svatovo road. However, the enemy was driven back, according to the military commander. Semyon Pegov.

Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are lining up assault columns to move towards Torsky near Krasny Liman, writes the WarGonzo Telegram channel.

“Torskoye is a logistics hub, a road junction from where our groups in Drobyshevo and Krasny Liman are supplied. It turns out that the enemy from the north will go to Krasny Liman and try to take Torskoye,” Pegov reported.

According to him, the enemy wants to attack the village from the forest surrounding Yampol.

“These are the very pincers that Krasny Liman and Drobyshevo can get into. The situation is extremely difficult,” the military commander said about the threat of encirclement.

The readiness of Russian troops to meet enemy forces is reported. Our army is aware of the situation and is preparing to fight back.

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