Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the positions of the Russian Federation five times, the partisans continue to resist

During the day on June 23, Ukrainian aviation delivered 5 strikes on enemy positions, destroying the manpower and equipment of the Russians.

It is reported by Ukrinform with reference to Operational Command South.

The OK noted that the confirmed losses of Russia per day on the southern front are 44 invaders, 2 guns of 152 mm caliber – “Gyacinth-B” and “Msta-B”, as well as several units of armored and automotive vehicles.

“Ukrainian partisans continue to resist on occupied territories. Thus, in the Kherson region, they complicate the functioning of the occupying power,” the message also says.

In the southern operational zone, the enemy continues defensive operations and counter-battery combat, did not conduct active operations, did not create new strike groups. In the Nikolaev direction, the invaders deployed artillery units to provide fire support for the actions of their forces.

“But the enemy’s intentions are quite obvious and receive an adequate response,” they say in OK.

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According to the command, the tactics of Russian missile strikes continue as a means of combat and psychological pressure. In particular, the invaders got into social facilities, including a hospital, a children’s sports school and a stadium. Some missiles destroyed Ukrainian air defenses.

In the northwestern part of the Black Sea, the enemy ship group is trying to maintain an operational regime favorable for its forces. However, adverse stormy weather conditions force them from time to time to take refuge in their bases.

“The crews of 4 missile and 3 large landing ships are being tested for resistance to seasickness,” the OK said.

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As the command notes, the threat of a missile strike from the sea remains quite high, but strikes from the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Kherson are not ruled out. It is also possible for the Russians to use strategic aviation.

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