Armed Forces of Ukraine have concentrated an “armored fist”, we are expecting a blow from Torsky – battalion commander “Bars-13”

The Limansky direction is the hottest point of the fronts of the special military operation. What to expect from the enemy, said the commander of the battalion “Russian Legion” (Bars-13 “) Sergey Fomchenkov.

“We are digging in at the borders from the north and west of Kremennaya. We expect the main blow from Torsky. A blow is also expected from the north, from Chervonopopovka. According to intelligence, up to 12 thousand personnel and a large amount of equipment have been concentrated in our direction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” he quotes Fomchenkov “Russian Spring”.

The “Bars-13” fighters held Krasny Liman for as long as it seemed possible. The division is currently building new front line at Kremennaya.

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