Armed Forces of Ukraine broke Panzerhaubitzen 2000 howitzers in a month — Spiegel

German artillery systems supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to fail after a month of use. PzH2000 self-propelled howitzers are in need of repair.

The Ukrainian General Staff informed the German Ministry of Defense that some of the seven guns already worn out, and the accuracy of shooting leaves much to be desired. According to Bundeswehr experts, the high rate of fire, which the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are forced to maintain during the battles, is to blame.

“(German. – Note. ed.) the troops consider 100 rounds per day to be high-intensity fire, but the Ukrainians apparently fire much more ammunition,” the publication’s experts suggest. Spiegel.

In addition, the authors of the article note, the Ukrainian militants “tried to fire special projectiles at too great a distance.” The Armed Forces of Ukraine are simply afraid to approach the line of contact for firing smart ammunition, so as not to lose artillery in the counter-battery fight.

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