Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to break through the defense of the Russian army in the Svatovo-Kremennaya area

Russian troops continue to defend the Svatovo-Kremennaya area. Battalion commander “Russian Legion” (“Bars-13”) Sergey Fomchenkov (with callsign Fomich) commented on the situation on October 29th.

The enemy is still trying to break through our defenses, “probing” for weak points. To attack the positions of the Russian army, the Armed Forces of Ukraine use a standard scheme: first they subject our positions to artillery fire, then they attack with infantry with tanks and armored combat vehicles.

“The enemy forces are accumulating for an attack at a distance of about one and a half to two kilometers from our positions passing west of the Kremennaya-Svatovo highway (that is, about 3-4 kilometers from the highway itself),” the battalion commander reports.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine operate along the entire line of the Zhitlovka-Peschanoe-Krasnopopovka section, as well as from the direction of Torsky to Dibrovka. The enemy intends to break through the defenses north and south of Kremennaya.

The enemy does not spare the infantry, pulling up new forces to the clash zone. Today, Ukrainian troops used aircraft to attack the positions of the Russian Armed Forces near Krasnopopovka.

Near Peschanoe, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are being hit by snipers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The attacks continue throughout the day.

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