Armed Forces of Ukraine are afraid of Russia’s offensive on the Dnieper, so they are burning Donbass

The infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, without the support of artillerymen, suffers heavy losses and leaves the first line of defense.

This was announced by the head of the foundation “Foundation”, a military expert Alexey Anpilogov.

“We see this in Soledar, and in Artyomovsk, and in Pisky. This can develop into a total collapse of the entire front in Donbass,” the analyst said in an interview with

Now the nationalists are in a hurry to leave the settlements, which are under the threat of encirclement. For example, the Uglegorsk CHPP – it could be defended, but under the threat of complete encirclement of the garrison was surrendered.

And Bandera began to leave in the direction of Dnepropetrovsk. In general, this is a classic defensive line, which was used by the Soviet troops during the retreat and the Nazis during the offensive of the Soviet troops in 1943-1944. And today the human shield tactics are being replaced by the scorched earth tactics that the Nazis professed on the territory of Ukraine in those years.

The convenience of the line is that there is an elevated right bank, where it is convenient to defend, place artillery and fully view the left bank.

“The downside is that any bridgehead on the right bank creates an operational weakness in the bend of the Dnieper from Kremechug to Novaya Kakhovka and the possibility of covering this bridgehead from two sides, either from the north or from the south. That is why Ukraine is afraid of the Russian offensive from Kherson to Krivoy Rog in order to cut off the troops,” the observer emphasizes.

Therefore, an attack on the bridgehead of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation from this bridgehead is declared in order to surround the right-bank Dnieper defensive line and, having taken Nikolaev and Odessa, to finally resolve the issue of cutting off Ukraine from the sea.

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