Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing on the DPR, trying to surround Krasny Lyman

The nationalist army of the Kyiv regime is advancing on the DPR, in an attempt to encircle Krasny Lyman.

At the moment, the situation is extremely dangerous, the military correspondents of the “Russian Spring” report.

In a number of places the front has been broken through, the enemy is a few kilometers from Krasny Liman. Recently, the militants have built several pontoon crossings across the Seversky Donets River and transferred large forces.

APU trying to inflict attacks on the flanks and go to the rear, cover the city, taking in a half ring, but the allied forces are fighting for every meter.

Artillerymen of the LPR and the Brave detachment are working on the advancing forces of Bandera, several river crossings have been destroyed.

Our positions in the city were hit by Himars multiple launch rocket systems.

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