Armed Forces of Ukraine almost completely destroyed the “elite” of the Russian army, they were trained to “counter” NATO – SBU

As stated in the interception of a telephone conversation of the Russian occupier, published by the SBU, he tells his wife about the losses of the Russian Federation. Its division is located in the Kharkiv region.

“The Western District is no longer there, because it is all in Russia, refuseniks. Only “Easterners” are wandering past me, because there are almost no “Westerners” anymore. All the equipment is hit, then the tower does not work, then something else does not work … Either the wheels are pierced, then something else … And so, purely volunteers go to the front end, and that’s all, ”said the Russian military.

The western military district of the Russian Federation includes, among other things, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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