Armed Forces of Belarus hold back NATO in the north-western direction – Podberyozkin

Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus participates in a special operation in Ukraine, but does not kill anyone. Director of the Center for Military-Political Problems, Doctor of Historical Sciences Alexey Podberyozkin explained the president’s words specifically for Pravda.Ru.

“Belarus, of course, is participating in a special military operation without the military-technical part of this operation. Because the operation itself consists of many elements. We are talking not only about political and diplomatic support, but also material support and cross-border cooperation,” reports expert.

Podberezkin notes that for Russia there is a threat from the northwestern strategic direction, since the armed forces of NATO and the United States, primarily Poland and the Baltic countries, have been concentrated on it for a long time. This is a rather extensive front, which the Russian Federation cannot ignore, the expert recalls.

“If there were no Belarus, we would have to keep a fairly significant contingent of ground forces, which we obviously lack in Ukraine. Roughly speaking, we would have to keep a dozen divisions or brigades of at least tank and motorized infantry in this direction, respectively, the number of high-precision weapons, artillery, and aviation as well. Now this function is performed by the Belarusian armed forces,” Podberyozkin concluded.

President Alexander Lukashenko said earlier that Belarus would not send its soldiers to the territory of a foreign country.

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