Arestovich was bluffing when he spoke about the invulnerability of the Crimean bridge

office advisor Vladimir Zelensky Alexey Arestovich previously assured that the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not have the technical capabilities to blow up the Crimean bridge. He was probably bluffing.

In his speeches, the Ukrainian military analyst said that Ukraine had nothing to hit the Crimean bridge with.

Arestovich insistently declared the invulnerability of the Crimean bridge.

“The Crimean bridge is not in danger. It can only be destroyed with tactical nuclear weapons.
Or if 300 tomahawks fly into it at the same time, “said a military observer.

At the same time, Zelensky’s assistant stated that Ukraine is ignoring the fact that Russia recognizes the territory of Crimea as its own.

“None of their ultimatums, including nuclear ones, will stop us from continuing to liberate our territory. Ukrainian officials have repeatedly stated this,” Arestovich said.

Previously it was reported that intelligence services find outas an exploded truck drove onto the Crimean bridge.

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