Arestovich turned to Scholz: Where are the “Leopards”, as a matter of fact?

Alexey Arestovich rebuked the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz that Germany did not transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine. office advisor Vladimir Zelensky recalled that the Armed Forces of Ukraine “defend the whole of Europe.”

Against the backdrop of partial mobilization in Russia, Arestovich admitted that Ukraine needed to double its weapons. A Ukrainian military analyst reproached Olaf Scholz for Germany’s reluctance to arm the Armed Forces.

“A question to Mr. Scholz: ‘Where are the Leopards, in fact?’ The Cheetahs were handed over, thank you very much, but I would like to clarify where the Leopards are,” Volodymyr Zelensky’s aide said.

The military observer explained to the West what an important mission Ukraine has taken on.

“You understand that we are defending the whole of Europe, the whole of Western civilization. If we fall, imagine where the mobilized million will go? Or do you think that they will just be sent home after the victory won in Ukraine? You are very much mistaken. This skating rink will not be stopped, we stop it and even move it away. We do not need NATO soldiers, we will close this issue ourselves. Only we need weapons for this,” Arestovich said.

Earlier, Aleksey Arestovich explained that Ukraine is completely closes borders to travel for men of military age. This decision was made in connection with the mobilization in the Russian Federation.

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