Arestovich threatened Ukrainians who received Russian passports: “We know them by name”

office advisor Vladimir Zelensky Alexey Arestovich stated that Ukrainian hackers obtained the data of all the organizers of the referendums and those who received Russian passports in Ukraine.

“Our special services, using various methods, mainly cyber, opened the lists of all organizers of the referendum. Moreover, we received the data of all those who received Russian passports and all those who contribute to the occupiers, accomplices. Everything that they had in the registration system is now with us. We know them by name,” a Ukrainian military analyst said.

Arestovich threatened those who help the Russian authorities in the territories controlled by the Russian Federation.

“Guys and girls, I can’t even imagine a harder fate than yours, to be honest. They are all on our pencil. A rich and fascinating biography awaits them all. I’m afraid it won’t be long,” Zelensky’s assistant explained.

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