Arestovich said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be met with flowers in the Crimea, Krasnodar and Rostov

office advisor Vladimir Zelensky Alexey Arestovich I am sure that the Crimeans, after being mobilized in the Russian Federation, are experiencing a “slight reassessment of values,” so they will be happy with the arrival of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

US General Ben Hodges stated that by mid-2023 APU will already be in Crimea. This forecast inspired Alexei Arestovich very much.

A Ukrainian military analyst spoke about his thoughts on this matter.

“I have a feeling that we will really be met there with flowers,” Zelensky’s aide said.

He noted that the Crimeans, who took Russian passports, can atone for their “betrayal” by taking the side of Ukraine.

Arestovich is sure that those mobilized from the Crimea, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions will willingly surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“This whole story will end with the fact that we will come to the Crimea, and we will be greeted there with real flowers, and there are also 300 thousand Crimean Tatars,” a military observer shared his thoughts.

Zelensky’s assistant told his dream that the Ukrainian army was met with flowers in the Rostov region and Krasnodar region.

“There are also a lot of ethnic Ukrainians. We will hold a referendum, we will really have 90% there. They will ask us to come, and we will come. We speak the same language with them. There are descendants of our Cossacks who moved there. It’s just it will take some time to grind this helpless mass,” Arestovich said.

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