Arestovich on Musk’s statement: “Voiceful advice from cosmic stupidity”

Alexey Arestovich suspected that the post Ilona Mask caused by the fact that an American businessman used illegal substances amid the fall of his shares.

office advisor Vladimir Zelensky put forward several versions at once explaining the behavior of the owner of Tesla, who proposed his concept of peace between Russia and Ukraine.

A Ukrainian military analyst noted that Musk is a supporter of the “beautiful” intellectual trend about not resisting evil with violence and called the famous businessman’s words “vociferous advice of cosmic stupidity.”

“The temperature is near zero in the sense of intellectual independence,” Arestovich described Musk’s worldview in this way, while recognizing that the US inventor is a genius.

Arestovich left some hope that Musk’s page was hacked, and also advised the billionaire to declare his statement an experiment.

The military observer suggested that Musk listened to some expert opinion that Russia is big and scary.

“It seems to him that somewhere in the depths of Siberian ores in endless big big Russia, somewhere deep in the mountains, a lot of weapons are hidden. Canaveral,” Arestovich expressed his opinion.

Formerly Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak in response to Elon Musk’s proposal put forward his plan development of events.

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