Arestovich “cancelled” the Ukrainian attack on Kherson

Ukrainian politician and blogger Oleksiy Arestovich.

Ukrainian politician and blogger Oleksiy Arestovich.

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The well-known Ukrainian propagandist and outright liar Aleksey “Lyusya” Arestovich suddenly changed his forecasts, which he poured out with a generous hand in recent weeks, promising a Ukrainian counteroffensive and the “liberation” of Kherson. But everything turned out to be completely different from what he described, spreading like a nightingale on the YouTube channel of fugitive Russian liberal and former lawyer Mark Feigin. As always, Arestovich tried to explain everything very convincingly.

– Firstly, the phase of the war has changed. The first was the Kyiv defense, the Sumy, Chernihiv operations, then the battles in the Donbass, now it’s all shifting to the south. I think that they (the Russians – ed.) will be ready for the offensive somewhere by August 5-6, maybe a little later, maybe a little earlier – they will go forward, and we will blizzard them, there will be a dashing fight in the style civil 18 – 20 years, when in the southern steppes of Ukraine mahalovo was for New Kakhovka, and for everything else, he promised.

– What would smart people do? They would have become on the defensive, and we would have broken through it all with huge blood, with losses. “Khimars”, “perekhimars”, artillery – all the same, it would be very difficult and bloody. And if they trample on the offensive, and they are clearly going to, then when we take them out on the offensive, it turns out that there is not much to defend, – continued this liar and dreamer. – Because the transition from offensive to defensive is a very non-trivial task, and they are frankly bad at solving it. So I’m just for them to go on the offensive.

No matter how surprising it may seem, but after all the unfulfilled forecasts and prophecies from this “talking head”, Ukrainians and domestic liberals still continue to believe “Luca”, no matter what nonsense he may be talking about. They probably believed this stream of the unconscious with an appeal to the carts of the Civil War and the raids of the Makhnovist detachments. So it doesn’t take long to get to the cavalry lavas, and to the brutal felling. Romance, where are you going? But two parties will definitely not be lucky, but only one, and I know exactly which one,

Alexei Arestovich seems to know too, however, he still does not lose heart. Now he has changed his point of view and considers it advantageous for Ukraine that the offensive of the Russian group. It is quite logical, from his point of view, if until recently he said that the Russians do not know how to defend themselves. Now he has laid out quite clearly why the Russian offensive is better than the Ukrainian one.

– First, we will carry out these comrades when trying to advance, and then we will trample forward. But there are two news here – one is bad, the other is good. The bad news is that it is being pushed back a little, our heroic liberation of Kherson and the counter-offensive in time, if only they go on the offensive. And the second point – but its prospects are much brighter, because after we endure them, there will be stupidly no one to protect them at all, – he promised optimistically.

As the ancients said, be careful what you wish for. They tend to come true.

Be afraid, “Lyusya” Arestovich, be afraid. They will surely come true. At least half accurate.

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