Arestovich called the timing of the return of the Crimea to Ukraine

office assistant Vladimir Zelensky Alexey Arestovich explained how the weakening of US influence in Europe will help Ukraine regain its territories.

A Ukrainian military analyst believes that the Americans have overestimated Russia.

“Security in Germany, as well as in the EU as a whole, has been provided by the United States for 70 years. And now the chancellor and president are announcing the revival of the Bundeswehr. Europe is beginning to rely on itself. This means a weakening of the position of the United States,” Arestovich wrote in his microblog.

The military observer is sure that this state of affairs is unacceptable for the United States. He has no doubt that America’s activity will increase after the elections in November.

Arestovich recalled the deployment of the US 101st Airborne Division to the border of Ukraine, which, in his opinion, indicates America’s desire to regain its influence in Europe.

“We can also get a significant increase in military assistance, which will allow us to reach the borders on February 23 within months, and return Crimea next summer. At least, General Ben Hodges gave such forecasts,” Zelensky’s assistant shared his thoughts .

Earlier, Arestovich spoke about the need double arms shipments from the West.

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