Arestovich accused Putin of “corrupting the West”

office advisor Vladimir Zelensky Alexey Arestovich accused the West of sleeping for a long time, choosing conveniences over values.

Ukrainian military analyst says Ukraine is “de facto recognized as part of the West”

“Putin consistently corrupted and exploited not only his own population, but also the West, seeking not only to force them to pursue an immoral policy, but also to completely lose morality,” Zelensky’s assistant wrote in his microblog.

Arestovich believes that now “the West is risen.”

“The West chose values ​​instead of corruption and even the threat of nuclear weapons and (oh, horror) direct hostilities against the Russian Federation … today it is not just being discussed calmly – it has become part of planning and warning. The West has risen – and this gives great hope to all mankind,” he expressed his point of view of a military observer.

The analyst explained what helped the West “resurrect”.

“And he resurrected on the blood of the Ukrainian infantry. The soldier and the people,” Arestovich said.

Earlier, Arestovich expressed confidence that the Armed Forces of Ukraine meet with flowers in the Crimea, Rostov and Krasnodar.

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