Arequipa airport is taken over by protesters and unleashes a violent confrontation with the PNP

Protesters Take Arequipa Airport

The protests in Arequipa intensify. Around two thousand protesters broke the security mesh of the Añashuayco Bridge and broke into the facilities of the Alfredo Rodriguez Ballón International Airport, in the Arequipa region.

In addition, the burning of tires outside the air terminal is recorded, while the protesters They took the runway. Meanwhile, the police officers who were located in the surrounding areas are moving to the place to attend to the emergency.

The seizure of the Arequipa airport is recorded during the fourth day of protests against the president Dina Boluarte and the Congress of the Republic.

More than 100 police officers are at the scene trying to control the situation and repel the advance of the protesters with tear gas.

Five people have been injured during the confrontation with the agents of the National Police. One of them, 70 years old, had to be transferred to the outside of the airport to be treated, and another suffered the impact of a pellet on the face.


Through a statement, Andean Airports of Peru specified that the protesters who entered the facilities of the Alfredo Rodriguez Ballon International Airport They destroyed the security infrastructure of the perimeter fence and also set fire to the control booth, putting passengers and the airport team at risk.

“We have proceeded to evacuate all the people who are in our air terminal and communicate the closure of the airport in order to guarantee the safety of airport operations,” he said.

Likewise, he indicated that they are coordinating with the airlines and the airport community in order to resume operations in the short term, as long as the conditions exist that guarantee the safety of passengers and workers.



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