Are Black Helicopters UFO Hunters?

Not so long ago, the FBI declassified information about the injuries inflicted on cattle in the United States in the 70s of the last century. The documents appear mysterious black helicopters that were seen at the scene of incidents.

Who killed the animals?

August 29, 1975 Theodore P. Rozakan FBI special agent in Denver, Colorado, received a letter from a local senator Floyd K. Haskell. It said:

“For several months, my office has been receiving reports of cattle mutilations in Colorado and other Western states. In Colorado alone, at least 130 cases were reported to local authorities and the Bureau of Investigation (CBI) … Bizarre mutilations are frightening in themselves: almost in In all cases, the left ear, rectum and genitals of each animal were cut off, the blood was drained from the carcass, but no blood or traces remained on the ground.

Haskell also reported that unmarked black helicopters were seen in several episodes, which were allegedly used by cattle killers. In addition, several people in Morgan County said they were followed by these helicopters.

However, this happened not only in Colorado. Livestock losses have been recorded in at least 21 states. Unfortunately, the FBI did not have jurisdiction to investigate this case. Moreover, when Senator Haskell tried to give him publicity through the press, he was contacted by the editor of one of the Colorado newspapers Dane Edwards and said that near one of those places where the mutilated cattle were found, military helicopters were seen, and Edwards himself received threats – they say, you should not be interested in this topic.

Incidents at military bases

Meanwhile, reports began to come in of strange helicopters appearing near strategic military installations. This was stated in the reports of the Air Force. So, in one of the reports for December 1975 it is said:

“November 7, 1975, the missile launch officer on duty reported that an unidentified aircraft resembling a helicopter had approached and hovered near the US Air Force Missile Control Center near Lewistown.”

It is further stated that “two red and white lights” were seen in front of the aircraft. In addition, on the night of November 6-7, eyewitnesses observed some “moving lights” about 50 miles south of this base. At the same time, during the observations, there was no characteristic noise, usually emitted by airplanes or helicopters. Somewhat later, in the state of Montana, an unidentified helicopter was recorded near the Air Force armory.

Since there were quite a few such incidents, various versions of the origin of black helicopters (a stable term that they were dubbed) began to arise.

  • Some believed that these devices belonged to a secret division of the Air Force.
  • Others attributed them to some kind of paramilitary group that did not obey the authorities.
  • Still others attributed them to unidentified flying objects, that is, to phenomena from the field of ufology.

UFO Watchers

In the early 1980s, the ufologist Tommy Blanc had the opportunity to speak with a confidential source in the US Air Force, who said that unmarked helicopters with sophisticated equipment on board are based in underground bases and in isolated military reservations and are sent to areas of UFO activity to observe them. So the helicopter pilots, most likely, were not to blame for the death of animals. Behind this were unknown forces, which were the object of surveillance by helicopter crews.

American conspiracy theorist Jim Keithwho was considered an expert on black helicopters and wrote two books on the subject, mentioned that these devices were observed in the 90s.

As evidence, Kate cites such an episode. On May 23, 1994, in Virginia, in the Big Meadows area, on Blue Ridge Boulevard, a local resident saw that the road leading to the Shenandoah National Park was blocked. At the same time, he noticed a black helicopter landing nearby and even managed to photograph it. Then the man met the park ranger and asked what these helicopters were doing here, to which he heard the answer: “They help us in search and rescue operations.” Then this person asked why, in this case, the helicopter was equipped with a grenade launcher (this was clearly visible in the photo). After this question, his interlocutor began to behave hostilely.

Here is another case described by Jim Keith. In February 1995, the Las Vegas Review-Journal published an article Susan Green, which cited the story of a former employee of the Groom Lake military base that in 1990 an invisible helicopter was tested there for secret special missions. The surface of the apparatus was olive-gray, but from a distance it could be mistaken for black. However, he moved almost silently.

By the way, Jim Keith himself died in 1999 under strange circumstances. It is possible that the death of the conspiracy theorist was related to his research.

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