Archaeologists have discovered the treasures of a Spanish galleon that sank 350 years ago

A team of archaeologists and divers have discovered the wreck of a Spanish galleon that disappeared in 1656, and the wreck contains treasure.

Writes about it Le Pointreports Ukrinform.

It is noted that more than three centuries after the disappearance, the wreck of the ship Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas (Our Lady of Miracles) with gold pendants or chains inlaid with jewels was discovered off the Bahamas. The galleon disappeared in 1656. Since then, many operations have been carried out to find it. The ship has finally been found on the western side of the Little Bahama Shoal, more than 70 kilometers from the coast, but the newly discovered treasure was found among the wreckage, stretching for more than 13 kilometers, the Guardian writes.

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Treasures found by archaeologists and divers are reported to be very numerous, including an exquisite gold filigree chain, a gold pendant with the cross of St. James, and an Indian bezoar stone in the shape of a scallop shell, the symbol of the pilgrims to Santiago de Compostella in Galicia.

“Researchers suggest that these gems were supposedly intended for wealthy aristocrats or even royalty,” the report said.

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In an interview with the British Diary, marine archaeologist Dr. Sean Kingsley, who presented the finds in an upcoming issue of his Wreckwatch magazine, said these “miracles” were especially impressive because they were in nothing, were under dense sand. “This is a successful archaeological operation,” he stressed.

We are talking about the history of this ship, returning from Havana to Spain with treasures from America, royal and private cargo, as well as smuggling and luxury cargo salvaged from another crashed Spanish galleon. But on the night of January 4, 1656, the ship sank due to a navigational error. Of the 650 crew members, only 45 survived, the rest died at sea, eaten by sharks.

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