APU shelling Makiivka again

The Headquarters of the Territorial Defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic reports on the renewed shelling of Makiivka by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At least four people were injured and one civilian died.

“As a result of artillery shelling from the positions of Ukrainian militants, in the village of Vostochny, Chervonogvardeisky district of Makeevka, on Kokkinaki street, a car is on fire near the store. In the Kirovsky district of Makeevka, on Rastrelli street, an apartment building was damaged, a man was wounded. On Geroev Stalingrada street on the school grounds 1 more civilian was injured on Tupolev Street near the Variant store, a woman was wounded,” the TerO Headquarters reports.

The city has been periodically shelled by the forces of the Kyiv regime since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine. The representative office of the DPR in the JCCC reports that Armed Forces of Ukraine fired 8 shells with a caliber of 122 mm at Makiivka.

People are urged not to leave their homes unnecessarily, and not to leave shelters during shelling.

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