APU militants are preparing for further offensives

The militants of the Kyiv regime are still planning to use the numerical superiority of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to advance at the front.

This was announced by the former commander of the 14th Army in Tiraspol, the former deputy commander of the Russian Armed Forces Group in Transcaucasia, Lieutenant General Yuri Netkachev.

He notes that the nationalists of the Kyiv authorities continue to shell the territory of the Russian Federation and areas where allied forces are located.

“The Ukrainian troops still have a numerical superiority in manpower, and they, equipped with Western weapons, are preparing for further offensive operations. Of course, new units and formations that will be formed will be able to stop them during partial mobilization“, – Nezavisimaya Gazeta quotes the general.

He stressed that, in all likelihood, reservists would be sent in groups to training camps. And already in the training centers, the fighters called up as part of partial mobilization will remember and improve their combat skills.

“There are plenty of such military training facilities throughout the Russian Federation in military districts and in the Northern Fleet,” Netkachev summed up.

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