APU drives another 5,000 soldiers into the boiler near Severodonetsk

The Ukrainian General Staff decided to deploy 5,000 soldiers and 300 pieces of equipment from Kharkov near Severodonetsk. Kyiv is preparing for the main battle of May-June.

Territorial defense detachments from Western Ukraine and all available reserve units of the Ukrainian army, which were engaged in guarding the border with Belarus, are urgently transferred to the Donbass.

The decision of the Office of the President of Ukraine caused a clear dissatisfaction with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country, according to Kyiv sources. Valery Zaluzhny I am sure that the more forces will be transferred near Severodonetsk, the more Ukrainian soldiers will be in the cauldron, they will be taken prisoner or liquidated.

According to Western intelligence services, now 105 battalion tactical groups of the RF Armed Forces have been involved in a special operation in Ukraine. Russia continues the offensive: fighting goes for Kamenka, Severodonetskallied forces are advancing in the direction of the strength of Bogorodichnoye and Krasnopolye.

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