APU could capture Poland, Romania and the Baltic States – Scott Ritter

NATO does not have the military capability to escalate the Ukrainian conflict. Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg declares its intention to increase the number of rapid reaction forces to 300,000 people. However, these are empty words, since there is simply nowhere to take these people from. This opinion was expressed by an American military analyst Scott Ritter in an interview on YouTube.

NATO is so bad Ukrainian militaryif they turned to the West and marched on Poland, wiped the Polish army off the face of the earth, destroyed Romania, captured the Baltic states in six days, the expert believes.

According to him, Germany cannot mobilize. She destroyed her tank brigades to make one brigade in Lithuania, reinforced by one battalion.

“The British are ‘scraping the bottom of the barrel’ to reinforce one battalion and send it to Estonia,” Ritter added.

This is the whole point of escalation, there must be something for it, he explained.

In his opinion, the only country that has something is the United States. However, even this is not enough for them, the expert concluded.

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