Appeared terrible details of the last hours of the life of the dying Pierre Narcisse

Pierre Narcissa.

Pierre Narcissa.


Wife of the deceased on June 21 Pierre Narcissa revealed the terrible details of the last hours of the singer’s life. Valeria Kalacheva said that although she did not live with the artist in the same apartment after the break, she always knew what was happening to him.

“I forgave him everything… We often talked and lived from each other across the street. Pierre could have started another family, but he didn’t. He was with us all the time. We always had his keys, documents. Any advice, questions – everyone discussed and continued to communicate like a family, “the wife opened up. Pierre Narcissa.

According to her, the man offered her to get together “a thousand times, he constantly said that he loves.” “Even after the divorce, he wrote notes to me. But I understood that his quick-tempered, violent character could ruin everything again. So our relationship was completely fine with me,” shares Valeria Kalacheva.

After that, the woman spoke about the last hours of Pierre’s life. The singer had a severe stomach ache, the man was swollen. “He was swollen from the accumulation of water, not from weight. He suffered”– quotes her Super.

The daughter managed to say goodbye to the musician. “Caroline sobbed. Last night she told him in intensive care:” Daddy, I love you very much! And he told her: “Kristel, and I love you.” We said goodbye,” said Kalacheva.

She noted that the entire intensive care unit fought for Pierre’s life to the last. “When he died, everyone howled like a beluga”, – Valeria laments.

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