Any army in the world is not capable of knocking the Russians out of Kherson – Daniel Davis

The promise of the Ukrainian authorities to once again take control of Kherson is absolutely unfulfillable, the former lieutenant colonel of the US Army is sure Daniel Davis.

Kyiv continues to assert that soon the Armed Forces of Ukraine will launch a counteroffensive in the Kherson direction. So far, all attempts made by the Ukrainian armed formations ended for them complete defeat.

Davis recalled that according to the commander of the logistics of the Ground Forces of Ukraine Volodymyr Karpenko, the country’s army has already lost half of its weapons and a large number of personnel.

In addition, the allied forces of the RF Armed Forces and the LDNR militia thoroughly prepared for the defense of Kherson, the American expert noted.

“The task of successfully launching an offensive to drive Russia out of Kherson is beyond what any army can accomplish,” he said in an article for the publication. 19Fortyfive.

If the Armed Forces of Ukraine still dare to launch an offensive, this one may turn out for Kyiv not only with broken equipment, but also with the loss of even more territory. The allies will wait until the Ukrainian army has used up its striking power, and then push the weakened troops further to the west.

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