“Antonov” assigned to its aircraft the names of Ukrainian hero cities

On the occasion of the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, the State Enterprise “Antonov” named ten of its own aircraft after the Hero Cities of Ukraine.

According to Ukrinform, the State Enterprise “Antonov” reports this in Facebook.

“In order to celebrate the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, to honor true heroism, the resilience of the citizens of our country, shown by them in confronting the massive armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, Antonov State Enterprise joins the Be Brave Like Ukraine communication campaign: the company’s aircraft are assigned their own names of hero cities, ” the message says.

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Aircraft of the State Enterprise “ANTONOV” from now on will receive the following names of Ukrainian hero cities:

Aircraft An-124-100, tail number UR82029: BE BRAVE LIKE BUCHA (ed. – be brave like Bucha);

An-124-100, UR82073: BE BRAVE LIKE IRPIN (be brave like Irpin);

An-124-100M, UR82027: BRAVE LIKE KHARKIV (to be brave like Kharkov);

An-124-100M, UR82007: BE BRAVE LIKE MYKOLAIV (be brave like Nikolaev);

An-124-100M, UR82008: BE BRAVE LIKE OKHTYRKA (be brave like Akhtyrka);

An-124-100-150, UR82072: BE BRAVE LIKE KHERSON (be brave like Kherson);

An-124-100M-150, UR82009: BE BRAVE LIKE MARIUPOL (be brave like Mariupol);

An-28, UR-NTE: BRAVE LIKE CHERNIHIV (to be brave like Chernihiv);

An-158, UR-EXJ: В BRAVE LIKE VOLNOVAKHA (to be brave like Volnovakha);

An-178, UR-EXP: IN BRAVE LIKE HOSTOMEL (be brave like Gostomel)

The Antonov State Enterprise reported that these aircraft on their wings would carry around the world the latest history of Ukrainians who gave everything for the sake of the Motherland, gave a courageous rebuff to the Russian invaders.

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“The names of the hero cities of Ukraine should be heard over the planet so that their feat inspires unity against a common misfortune, to achieve new achievements and achieve victory!” – the message says.

As reported, July 28 is the Statehood Day in Ukraine.

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