Anton Alikhanov: I don’t think that we will keep all the Germans warm. Let them freeze better in Germany and choose a normal chancellor

Anton Alikhanov

Anton Alikhanov

A photo: Viktor GUSEINOV

In pre-sanction times, residents Kaliningrad region often went to Germany and to look at historical monuments, and buy some goods. And recently, German citizens have been frequenting Russian territory. And not for the beauties of resorts or cultural monuments. The Germans, like migratory birds, rushed to Kaliningrad and its environs … for wintering. For the high tariffs for gas and housing and communal services in Germany, which arose as a result of the EU’s policy of refusing Russian energy carriers and after the Nord Stream pipelines were blown up, are forcing more than half of Germans to save heavily on water and heat. The most resourceful and practical burghers have figured out how to get warm and wash freely by renting an apartment on Russian territory.

The governor of the region told KP.RU Anton Alikhanov.

– Anton Andreevich, regarding the arrival of the Germans in the Kaliningrad region: did many of them reach out to you?

– No, of course not. Well, we met a few people, they were just sitting somewhere in a restaurant. I heard German speech, it suddenly became interesting what they were doing here. Well, I found out that they came to spend the winter. I gave this example in the sense that the Europeans, in their stubbornness, will soon freeze themselves to death, and individual daredevils still decide not to be subjected to general madness and not to freeze themselves, but run away somewhere, where everything is not so expensive or warmer.

– You noted that some of our Kaliningrad residents rent apartments.

– A specific person said that renting an apartment in our city and living there for 4 months costs the same as a month of living in Germany, for example, in Dusseldorf.

– Did your German interlocutors understand that it was the governor who was talking to them?

– I dont know. Hardly.

– And if our German Genosses (meaning comrades – ed. note) massively descend on Kaliningrad for the winter, are we ready to warm them up?

– No, I don’t think we’ll do that. It seems to me that they should better freeze and choose a chancellor who will have more desire to work for their residents, and not follow the instructions (of overseas bosses and all-European bureaucrats) to freeze, but to abandon Russian energy sources.

– These Germans who were sitting in the cafe, they have already warmed up, as I understand it.

– Maybe. Well, they didn’t seem cold.

– Actually, this is the hit of the season, as they say …


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