Anti-fascist groups demanded cancellation of neo-Nazi concert in Guadalajara

Collectives called for the cancellation of a neo-Nazi event in Guadalajara (Facebook/Coordinadora Antifascista Guadalajara/Bagronk)
Collectives called for the cancellation of a neo-Nazi event in Guadalajara (Facebook/Coordinadora Antifascista Guadalajara/Bagronk)

A few weeks ago it became known that Guadalajara would be the venue for a concert by a Greek band called DS (acronym for Der Sturmer), which is related to the radical right. For this reason, almost 200 collectives, bands and individuals positioned themselves against it and asked for its cancellation.

It was from a statement released on social networks that the complainants expressed their rejection of the neo-fascist event. It should be noted that the Der Stümer It was a weekly attached to National Socialism, of an anti-Semitic nature, during the German Nazism between 1923 and 1945.

The concert is scheduled to take place next Friday, January 13 at 7:00 p.m. Given this, the Antifascist Coordinator Guadalajara He rejected the presentation and condemned the call.

“In recent days in our city a neo-Nazi musical event has been called where a song will be sung from the stage. racist, xenophobic and far-right rhetoric: It is a concert of neo-Nazi rock bands, for a neo-Nazi audience,” the statement read.

Letter from the Guadalajara Antifascist Collective (Facebook)
Letter from the Guadalajara Antifascist Collective (Facebook)

“We strongly reject the organization of neo-Nazi events in our city that undoubtedly threaten our freedoms arguing a supposed freedom of expression. We also denounce the organizers Metarockfosis, Azermedoth Records, Black Serpent Legacy and Blood Productions for promoting neo-Nazi events in Mexico,” they stated.

In addition to DS, the event would also have the presence of other so-called “cult” bands among the fans of said current, which -according to the complaint- are sympathizers of the Greek fascist party Golden sunrise (Golden Dawm), who was pointed out as responsible for the murder of an anti-fascist singer in 2013, named Pavlos Fissas.

For his part, according to a publication by the dayDer Stümber has openly supported the neo-fascist political party, which achieved wide approval following the financial crisis in Greece in 2009.

In addition, the followers of said political institute have been participants in various episodes of violence, among which the stabbing of rapper Pavlos stands out.

Meanwhile, the musical group has also been part of political rallies in support of Nikos Michaloliakosfounder of the party, who once yearned to be the Greek “führer”.

“This event summons people who believe that there are people who are inferior to others because they have a non-white skin color, because they have a non-binary sexual orientation or because they have had an ethnic origin that is ‘undesirable’ for them and therefore deserve to be segregated. , punished, beaten, harassed, murdered, expelled or exterminated,” the Coordinator condemned.

It was in the late 1990s and early 2000s that the genre nationalist back metal (NSBM) became popular in various regions of Europe. Groups began to propagate a violent discourse based on those precepts; between them Der Sturmercreated in 1998.

Neo-Nazi concert in Mexico City, at the end of October 2022 (El País)
Neo-Nazi concert in Mexico City, at the end of October 2022 (El País)

It was last November that an events center was closed in Mexico City after a fascist concert was held. However, not only one was carried out; according to local authorities, at least three events of this type had been registered.

The Secretary of Government of CDMX, marti batres Guadarrama declared at that time that these concerts were held with underground calls, not open ones: “Although there was a propaganda about the concert, it had no place to be held. It was known about the concert already at the time when it was performed”.


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