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According to him, the Czechs should not underestimate the situation. Prymula would advise anyone who has not yet received a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine to do so and explain to whom its fourth dose is appropriate. However, he admitted that the situation could be complicated by a lack of vaccines.

According to Prymula, the motivation of citizens to be vaccinated should be mainly health protection, not, for example, holidays, he told CNN Prima News. At the same time, he admitted that he had no illusions. “Some prefer to be vaccinated so that they do not have to undergo martyrdom testing,” Prymula described in connection with the beginning of the tourist season.

The former health minister has called for the fact that we should not underestimate the disease, even though the daily increase in those infected is not extremely high. Prymula warned of their “creeping increase” and pointed to 700 infected who were confirmed on Tuesday.

Respirator return and voluntary fourth dose

According to Prymula, the best protection against the spread of the epidemic is vaccination. He also admitted that there is currently a problem with the availability of new vaccines.

“The new vaccines are a bit of a problem that they should be available in late September and late October, which may be too late. The wave may occur as early as August or September, “he described in the CNN Prima NEWS broadcast.

According to Prymula, people who do not have a completed three-dose vaccination schedule should supplement it. In this case, vaccine applicants should consider choosing the original vaccination option or waiting for the future one. The question remains whether the new vaccines will arrive on time.

Prymula expects the restrictions in the form of mandatory respirators that lasted during previous covid waves to return. At the same time, however, it assumes that the restrictions should not reach the area in the form of lockdowns.

The fourth dose would follow the recommendations of the Czech Vaccine Society. “He recommends the fourth dose to people over 60, people in risk categories and health professionals,” he said.

The second booster dose is also recommended by SÚKL director Irena Storová. “People over the age of 80 will benefit the most from the second booster dose, people between the ages of 70 and 60 should be revaccinated against covide if they have a medical condition that could worsen the course of the disease. From the point of view of experts, revaccination is not the fourth dose in total for people under the age of 60, it is recommended, “Storová said, due to the fact that the antibodies quickly evoke from their immunity.

The vaccination campaign does not promise an end to the pandemic

Due to the slowly growing cases of coronavirus infection, the Ministry of Health has commissioned a new vaccination campaign. Unlike the previous one, it will not promise an end to the pandemic.

“The campaign must convince people that we need to be vaccinated in late summer or early autumn to prevent another strong wave of covid-19 with the arrival of colder weather, the associated congestion of hospitals, health risks and the economic impact of a possible pandemic,” he said. department in the award of the contract.

The motto of the campaign should be: “Get vaccinated with a booster dose before the winter comes, so that we can survive another wave in good health. The government has a solution for everyone. ”It is scheduled to start on August 1 and the resort will cost 1.7 million crowns.

The total number of people infected in the Czech Republic is estimated at 3.9 million people, which is about 366 thousand per million inhabitants, said the American Johns Hopkins University. In total, almost 6.9 million people in the Czech Republic have completed vaccinations against covid. Compared to other European countries, the Czechs are one of the less vaccinated nations.

According to, the Czech Republic is the 22nd most affected country in terms of the relative number of people infected.

Andorra is now the worst off country in the world (561,690 cases per million inhabitants). Cyprus, Denmark, Iceland, San Marino, Portugal, Slovenia, Austria, the Netherlands and Slovakia are also in the top ten.

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