Another spit in the back: Chulpan Khamatova explained why Europeans are more cultured than Russians


Actress “Contemporary” Chulpan Khamatova

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Having read the information resources of foreign agents, the Sovremennik actress Chulpan Khamatova, who was treated kindly in Russia and almost canonized during her lifetime, left Russia in March. The actress decided to move to Riga following a number of liberal-minded journalists and colleagues. And the other day, Khamatova gave an interview to the Estonian edition RusDelfi via video link and explained why she likes living in Latvia so much, what she was ready for for life in Europe and why she hugs Ukrainians.


“The opportunity to work and ask questions inside this work (the production of Alvis Hermanis, in which the actress was invited) was a rehabilitation after a hard landing in a changed reality. The children went to school. There is a feeling that there is enough strength to live on. But when we recorded the previous interview, I did not have an understanding of how to live on. I was ready [в отсутствие работы] become a taxi driver, food delivery – literally everything! I couldn’t imagine that I would ever be able to go on stage again.”


Why Riga? I thought if I had any options and realized that Latvia gives a temporary residence permit if you buy land. I bought land and even built a house (land in those places is estimated at 300-400 thousand euros). What I didn’t expect from myself. It just so happened that it was the cheapest and that’s what I can afford. After I had to give up my beloved apartment in Moscow and tear out all the roots, I think that I will never buy an apartment again.

Khamatova gave an interview to the Estonian edition of RusDelfi via video link

Khamatova gave an interview to the Estonian edition of RusDelfi via video link

A photo: Video frame


“This sadness has always been there. While the war is going on and there are people who are forced to flee (most likely, Chulpan does not mean the residents of Donbass, who have been living under bombing since 2014 – Auth.), Reflecting on my longing is ridiculous.


“I love more [оценивать] categories of dignity, inner beauty and kindness, mercy, conscience or honor. A person can live here, but not have European qualities, not absorb European culture. Or maybe a Russian who did not travel to Europe, some local teacher in some village, but be filled with European culture. As for politeness, people here [в Европе] more calm, less rude – that’s for sure. Of course. There is a habit here, for example, to let the car through when you ask, and they will let you through. And they will not rush so that God forbid you climbed first [как в России]. In Moscow a few years ago it was unimaginable that people would pass, but then the laws changed, became tougher, and people got used to [соблюдать правила]. And somewhere they didn’t get used to it – in the provinces, for example. If there was an exchange program and there was an opportunity for Russian people from the provinces to come to Europe and live for at least a week, they would return differently – of course! If they are ready to be open, to learn about the world and a foreign culture, they would definitely change. And if they were people stuffed with propaganda, they would be surprised. You should see a person!”


“Ukrainians come up to me, hug. We cry together. It is important. As for the hate, I’m used to it. I have long been beaten from all sides: both those and others, and fifths, and tenths. I’m used to. Someone kicks and spits, but someone, due to culture, cannot do this to himself. ”


“Oleg Tinkov called me [обещавший помочь] and says that he saw in an interview with Katya Gordeeva that I was running out of money. I replied that it was a long time ago, then there was a panic, because Russian cards were blocked. But now thanks to a huge number of friends [и их помощи] I have no despair. When I was not able to pay for the apartment, my friends helped me a lot. I want everyone to know this: friends are the main value.


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