Another monument to the crazy elephant erected in Germany

Tuffy's glory is a rather dubious matter

Tuffy’s glory is a rather dubious matter


Authorities of the German city of Oberhausen unveiled a monument the elephant Tuffy, made in bronze by the sculptor Jörg Mazur. This is the third sculpture of the famous animal in Germany.

To tell the truth, Tuffy’s fame is a rather dubious matter and is not connected with her intelligence or achievements, but with the stupidity and shortsightedness of the director of the circus in which Tuffy “worked” as an elephant.

In 1950, the head of a traveling circus performing in the city of Wuppertal decided to attract the attention of the audience with an unusual spectacle – the elephant Tuffy was sent to ride on the famous cable car.

The result exceeded all expectations – the animal, apparently frightened by the flashes of numerous cameras, jumped out of the car on the move, breaking the window, the fragments of which injured one of the journalists.

Tuffi herself, who fell into a local shallow stream, escaped with a slight fright and a few abrasions, but at the same time entered the history of the city forever – two monuments have already been erected to her in Wuperthal, and images of an elephant can be found everywhere.

Oberhausen, according to its authorities, is most directly related to the incident – steel arches were once made here, which were used to create the Wupertalle cable car. It was this structural element, of course, in addition to the elephant herself, that Mazur used to create a monument weighing 1.2 tons.

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