Announced acceptance of works for the International Literary Prize. Yesenin

Committee of the International Literary Prize. S. Yesenin “O RUSSIA, FLASH YOUR WINGS” announces the start of accepting works for Yeseninka-2023.

Works are accepted in the following categories:

  • “Big Prize” – for a major poetic work or poetry collection;
  • “Honor and Dignity” – for a significant contribution to the service of Russian poetry;
  • “Searching glance” – scientific Yesenin studies, criticism;
  • “Song word” – performance of songs on Yesenin’s verses;
  • “Russian Hope” – poetry of the young (14-26 years old);
  • “Publishing house promoting the work of Sergei Yesenin”;
  • “Debut in poetry”;
  • “Cinema, theater, television”;
  • “Translations” – for the most complete and artistic translation of Yesenin’s poetry into other languages.

ATTENTION: For the first time, the preliminary selection in the nomination “Internet poetry” is made directly on the Prize website.

Rules for submitting works – on the official website of the Prize.

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