Anna Semenovich spoke about the terrible loss in the family: “The audience could not understand why I was crying”

A photo: Artem KOSTENKO

To the party Anna Semenovich arrived at the parade. The noticeably built artist appeared before the guests in a black trouser suit with a vest and a wide-brimmed hat. We decided to find out how Anya got herself in shape.

– Anya, you have built a lot. What’s the secret?

– I recently had covid for the third time, and quite seriously. At first I did not attach much importance to this: I thought it was just a headache. But then a strong weakness appeared, and the temperature jumped to 39.5. Doctors came to me and put a dropper. Although there are no serious consequences this time, covid washes away vitamins from the blood and weakens the immune system. Doctors prescribed me a huge amount of dietary supplements and vitamins. I literally drink them by the handful. But since all this time I was lying at home, and it was impossible to play sports, I managed to gain extra pounds. And now she has introduced sports and massages, and now she has put herself in order. I have a gym at home where I do 80 minutes a day. She made the program herself, because I am a coach by training.

A photo: Artem KOSTENKO

– How did you celebrate the New Year?

– At work. Usually, right behind the stage, you listen to the chiming clock and the speech of the president, and, after taking a sip of champagne, you run out to the audience again and continue to please them …. On the first of January, dad’s birthday. We have a tradition that on this day I come to my parents for a festive table. We congratulate dad and celebrate the New Year… At the end of December, I found a company that completely decorated my apartment for the New Year, and the mood became festive. I always start buying gifts in advance and fully prepare for the celebration… Masha Weber made me a nice New Year’s gift – a silver pendant with black spinel and agate from her brand. You see how friendly we are in show business.

– Are the fees for performances now higher or lower?

– Prices are the same. As far as I know, no one reduced them, for the New Year the mark-up is 30%, since the entire team has a double fee for working on a holiday.

– And what was your brightest performance?

– It was last year on March 1st. They called me on my birthday with the words “Anya, in three hours we have a concert on RU.TV in support of our guys in a special operation, we need to support!”. And my table is already set, the guests are waiting, but I could not refuse. She only asked to be allowed to speak first. I quickly got ready, ran and worked. I was given a huge bouquet of flowers. All in all, it was a real treat!

– You’re quite actively supporting the special operation, aren’t you?

– I think that it is the artist’s duty in such a situation to support our warriors, as well as mothers, wives and sisters who have lost their loved ones. I regularly perform in the Donbass, and one of these days I will have two more charity concerts. In the division Dzerzhinsky I will perform for women whose loved ones have died, and then I will go to the hospital to the wounded. I feel that I must support our people.

A photo: Artem KOSTENKO

– They say you even collect money?

– Yes, I somehow invested in the purchase of a quadrocopter. I have a close friend Tatyana Borsch. She makes amazing films, such as “Donbass.Children” about how children who were deprived of their parents lived for eight years. She went there and brought help from the artists. And I was just one of those who collected this help. I think that it is the duty of every person to respond. There were no indifferent people among my acquaintances.

– And if tomorrow you have to fight, can you bandage the wounded?

– I’m not sure, we weren’t taught that. But I can definitely do artificial respiration or save a drowning man. I can still give an injection, even I regularly inject them myself. I think I’ll make a very good nurse.

“He grabbed me, turned me over and dragged me somewhere”

– Did you have such situations at concerts that could unsettle you?

– It was in Dubai: an hour before the concert, I found out that my grandmother had died. I sobbed on all my slow songs. The audience at first could not understand what was happening. But when I shared my grief, everyone began to applaud and cry with me. The concert turned out to be the most sincere. I worked it off, and that very night I got on a plane to Russia to help my mother with the funeral.

– Does an artist always have to keep a face?

– Artists are very obligatory people. If we have already shown up at some concert, it means that people have bought tickets, they have come to listen and see you. You can’t disappoint them, you need to go out and work. There were more than once when you literally worked for the will: with a temperature, without strength, and in the end you even lose consciousness.

A photo: Artem KOSTENKO

– Have there been any unusual situations at the concerts?

– Yes, as much as you like! When I first came to the Brilliant, we worked at a wedding. And one drunken guest literally stole me from the stage: he grabbed me, turned me over. With the words “What a pretty new girl,” he dragged me somewhere. The director with security literally pulled me out of his hands. The next morning, however, he apologized, sent a bouquet of flowers, and the incident was over.

– They say that now parodists perform instead of the departed artists. How do you feel about this?

– It’s a completely different genre. I’ve seen a few parodies of myself on comedy shows, but the original is the original. Who can be as chic as me?!

– And what about your new songs now?

– In December, my new composition “My Man” sounded on Russian Radio. Very soulful and touching. This is a song for everyone who wants to find that very person. I’ll be filming a video for it soon. I hope that it will also be released on RU.TV.

– Have you already found “your person”?

– Of course! I am always with the same person – with myself!

A photo: Artem KOSTENKO


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