Anna Semenovich is undergoing therapy due to a serious illness

A photo: Artem KOSTENKO

Anna Semenovich not one of those artists who likes to talk about the innermost. The singer keeps her personal information to herself. But lately, fans have noticed that the artist has put on weight. As it turned out, this was due to a serious illness. The vocalist is still undergoing therapy – she literally drinks drugs in handfuls.

Anna Semenovich decided to confess. Curvy singer so far undergoing therapy due to severe illness. It all started with a simple headache. The artist at first did not attach much importance to this. But then she literally could not get up because of a terrible weakness.

I recently had covid for the third time, and quite seriously… The temperature jumped to 39.5. Doctors came to me and put droppers,” lamented pop star.

As you know, covid very strongly affects the immune system, literally washes vitamins from the blood. Because the beauty is still consulting with doctors about her condition. She is in rehab. “Doctors have prescribed me a huge amount of dietary supplements and vitamins. I literally drink them by the handful.”

Anna was on bed rest. “Since I was at home all this time, and it was impossible to play sports, then I managed to gain extra pounds” she said

Now Anna is back in the gym doing massages. “I have a gym at home, where I work out every day for 80 minutes. I myself made a program, because I am a coach by education,” Semenovich shared.

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