Anna Asti: “If they talk about me, it means that I do not give anyone peace!”

Today, on her birthday, Anya released her first solo album

Today, on her birthday, Anya released her first solo album

A photo: Personal archive

The past year has been Anna Asti iconic. The singer left the group and a few months later triumphantly returned to the stage with the solo hit “Phoenix”. Then there was a sensational duet with Philip Kirkorov “Hobby”, which became the leader of all kinds of charts. And today, on her birthday, Anya released her first solo album, Phoenix. And Anya decided to celebrate these two events on the stage, presenting the “new I” for reporters, friends, colleagues and relatives.

-This year I celebrate my birthday in a very unusual way – I invited my friends, colleagues and relatives to one of the old mansions in Moscow, where I arrange a performance show, which will end with my first solo concert, which they everyone was waiting,the birthday girl shares with KP.

Last year was a milestone for Anna Asti

Last year was a milestone for Anna Asti

A photo: Personal Archive

You are at a turning point this year. In fact, solo swimming is not always successful. And you managed to become the main female voice of the country during these months. What do you think worked here? Your sincerity, vocals, hits?

– Thank you, I’m very pleased. (Smiles.). I think it all worked together. I have a very cool team of like-minded people who believe in me, in our business, so our music takes on a special value.

-Your songs are now sung by the whole country. And here, of course, the selection of hits also plays a role. How did you meet Dima Loren? And I understand that after you left the band, he became part of your team?

-I performed Dima’s hits for several years, but we didn’t know each other personally. I really wanted to get to know him, because I felt that this was my soul mate, and on my thirtieth birthday, my husband invited Dima Loren to me for my birthday, where we met and became friends. After my departure from the group, Dima remained to write songs only for me, since we have an absolute connection with him, an absolute connection of thoughts. If he is my soul, which expresses all my thoughts in the text, then I am his soul, which can sing this text. And how we laugh, no one can do it like me. Because our unity with him, our feelings for each other, is like if the bottom of the soul was divided in half and we lived a similar life. But now we live side by side, our souls are united.

– You said that your husband supports you. Is he your producer now or just your main moral support?

– I don’t have a producer. And my husband really gives me the greatest and invaluable support. We work in a team, he took over the entire operating system of the Anna Asti project, thereby providing me with freedom in creativity. But of course, we make key decisions after consulting.

– Svetlana Loboda’s entourage recently threw sharp quotes at you, they say, they look like sisters. How do you feel about such conversations?

-If they talk about me, then for some reason I do not give someone peace. If I were nondescript, no one would pay attention to me, which means that I really build my solo career well, if only one of my exits collects such active and even indignant comments from those people whom I have always considered professionals.

Today the popular singer celebrates her 32nd birthday

Today the popular singer celebrates her 32nd birthday

A photo: Personal Archive

– You are one of those artists who can easily work live. Even the “snow queen” Larisa Dolina takes off her hat to your vocal talent. What do you think, maybe the phonogram should be banned by law in general, in order to understand who is who on the stage?

-Actually, there is nothing wrong with performing to a phonogram. Why? Well, imagine New Year’s Eve shooting on the street in a frost of minus 20? The artist is already on a very tight schedule at this time, a lot of filming and concerts, lack of sleep, excitement, it’s very hard for the ligaments. And to sing live in such a cold is to breathe in the icy air and, at least, get sick and put your voice down. Therefore, there are various shootings that require performance to the phonogram, at least for the sake of voice safety.

-Your duet with Philip Kirkorov is just a bomb. Accurate hit in the heart. What surprised you in communicating and working with Philip? What did he teach you?

– To be honest, I am delighted with his performance! He was born to be an artist. When we were recording “Hobby”, Philip arrived at the studio by 10 pm and was writing until 5-6 am, until exactly what we wanted came out. He arrived tired, after rehearsals, fittings, heaps of filming, but when he was in the vocal studio at the microphone, his fatigue was gone! He charged the whole team that worked on this single, and when the recording was over, he wanted to work on. Rocket! I love it endlessly!

– You changed the style, built. What daily rituals help you to be in good shape. Did you have to give up something for the sake of beauty?

-So glad! (Smiles.). I try to go to the fitness room. But given that I spend all my energy on creativity and travel, I get tired. Therefore, I always want to sleep, and there is no strength left for the gym. But we have a lot of rehearsals with ballet for 3-7 hours, it helps me keep myself in shape.

And I had to give up flour, sweet, fatty, from all harmful food.

– Do you have time to do something around the house, cook for your husband. If so, what does he love the most? What is your ideal vacation and what is your favorite place in your house?.

Yes, cooking is a form of meditation for me. Even if I come home tired from the concert, I will cook something tasty with pleasure. And my husband loves everything that I cook: both borscht and pies. I can do everything!

As for the favorite place in the house, we have not yet moved into a new house, unfortunately. You understand what repair is (laughs.). So I haven’t decided yet. For sure, there will be a kitchen, since I have been developing it for the longest time.

– At the end of a personal year, it is customary to sum up what you have planned for the next year, what will surprise you – are you preparing a show, maybe some new duets.

I will definitely surprise you this year too, I promise. So far, unfortunately, I can’t open the veil of secrecy for you yet, but I hope that my audience will also warmly accept what we are doing with my wonderful team.


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