Ángel de Brito announced a change in LAM: who is the “little angel” who is leaving and who will replace her

Ángel de Brito announced a change on the LAM panel: who is the “little angel” who is leaving and who will replace her

Mediating the broadcast of this Monday of THE M (America), brito angel He announced to his panelists, better known as “angelitas”, that one of them would leave the program and would be immediately replaced by a figure. After a few minutes in mood enigmatic, the driver suddenly revealed who it was.

“Who leaves the house of THE M starting next week it’s…”, Ángel jokingly introduced, as if it were a question of Big Brother, which aroused laughter from the panel. “It’s Mrs. pia shaw that he says goodbye to this program at the end of the month ”, completed the driver.

Given the sighs of surprise from the panelists, de Brito noted: “They were all dead because they are finding out at this moment.” “A cycle was completed, I had a great time, they were two wonderful years. It’s always good… I like to fly and see what happens in the future. I have nothing, I’m not going anywhere. And it was good because I achieved what I wanted to do, ”Shaw began by saying about her departure, which she discussed with Ángel in the previous days and did not communicate it to any other member of the program. “Many in control are finding out now,” she said.

Pía Shaw spends her last days at LAM
Pía Shaw spends her last days at LAM

“I love Ángel, you know what we have been working on. I didn’t fight with any… a miracle! I love you very much, I am happy, I am barbaric. I wanted to fly, ”Pía insisted on her decision. “I left them silent with this,” said the driver regarding the attitude that the “little angels” took after the news. “NazaDo you have wine in your dressing room?” he asked. Yanina Latorre a Velez jokingly and as if to digest the unexpected news.

“Only my boyfriend knew about this. Not my friends, not my parents, nobody… mom, dad, a kiss! I’m fine, ”said Shaw regarding the secrecy of the decision that she made of her, which she discussed with De Brito minutes before going on the air this Monday. “Ángel did not throw me out, I want to clarify why my mother is going to think that. I am in good health, I have nothing,” the journalist pointed out.

“Pía is an excellent professional, a great colleague. I’ve known her for 225,000 years, we had three beautiful years in radio and, in between, these two years of THE M. Everyone here loves you, you know it, on this channel and wherever you go you leave good memories. I told him today: I love it when people make these life decisions, because it’s life, it’s not just work. And decides to step aside to see what’s coming. And the best will come because it will work all the time. Applause for Pía ”, asked de Brito at the same time that he wished the journalist the best wishes.

Then the driver announced who would enter Pía’s place from Monday, clarifying that “they are going to live together for a few days, since Pía stays until the last program of the year, which will be on December 30.” “The lady debuts as ‘angelita’ Marixa Balli. cachaka, welcome to LAM from Monday”, said Ángel while his colleagues around him approved the decision. “Very good, I love it,” Yanina synthesized.

Starting next Monday the 19th, Marixa Balli joins the LAM panel
Starting next Monday the 19th, Marixa Balli joins the LAM panel

“She has plenty of anecdotes, so for the first time Marixa Balli will become a panelist on a program. She did everything on TV: she was a host, she was on Dancing, she was on reality… enters messing around full. Do not call her because she is not going to speak until Monday, when she comes here, ”the driver closed.

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