Andriy Turchak: We need a “single window” to collect information from the mobilized and those who want to help them

The regions where the governors have established communication with the military commissariats and where many people and social movements who are ready to help have been united into one team have noticeably fewer problems and appeals related to the issues of SVO, noted the head of the parliamentary working group on issues of SVO, Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia” Andrey Turchak at a meeting with the governor of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko and the public movement “Team 47”. It brings together activists #We are together, volunteer, youth and veteran organizations, United Russia, women’s councils to help the front, members of the NWO and their families.


“Many of these people have traveled “for the ribbon” more than once, delivered aid to the front and to civilians. They know for sure, because they saw with their own eyes, the real picture: what are the problems with providing both the fighters and their families. How can we strengthen ourselves in the rear in order to provide our military personnel with not only material support, but also moral support, ” – noted Andrey Turchak.

The meeting was devoted to the experience of the movement, practices to support the military, which can be extended to the whole country, as well as problematic issues.

“Many (issues – approx.) are already being dealt with by our working group. And much of what was said at the meeting today will be included in our first report to the President. An important point that was discussed today is the channel for collecting information on the principle of “one window”. And this applies to almost everything: collecting applications for incorrect calculation of payments; search for mobilized relatives when they do not get in touch due to duty; providing legal assistance, etc. And such a “single window” is needed not only for those who need help, but also for those who are ready to provide it,” – emphasized working group leader.

He noted that many people are ready to help, but do not know what kind of help they need and where to turn.

“A simple example. Silver volunteers knit socks. Tied up a lot. They say, “What else can we do to help?” These people are ready to help in the kitchen or with cleaning in hospitals, take care of the wounded, take care of the children of the mobilized. And such a “single window” would help to form a targeted request for the necessary assistance”, – concluded Andrey Turchak.


In turn, Alexander Drozdenko said that the region constantly helps the front, and also established social support measures for the participants of the NWO.

“We have additional payments to the wounded. If this injury is not complicated, contusion or injury – 500 thousand rubles, the second or third group – 750 thousand rubles. We pay a million extra if the first group. Plus, we take on the guarantees of training for the employment of people with disabilities”, – told governor.

Today, volunteer work in the region goes in two directions: continuing to help those who are in the NWO zone, as well as supporting their families.

“We have good contact with military units, we know exactly where our guys are. They sent them what they needed before the New Year. The first cars this year are on holidays. Four trucks, mostly sleeping bags and boots. Plus, of course, social support for families, about food, benefits on utility bills. Before the New Year, a campaign was held so that not a single family of volunteers or mobilized was left without attention, ” – said Alexander Drozdenko.

Finally Andrey Turchak stressed that the main task of the working group headed by him is to inform the country’s leadership about how this or that problem is being solved.

“A special military operation has uncovered problem areas that were simply ignored before. Therefore, with your help, I expect that we will pinpoint not just what is happening as a statement of the problem, but how it is being solved, ” – concluded Andrey Turchak.


Remember December 29th Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrey Turchak held the first meeting of the parliamentary coordinating group on SVO issues, created by order of the President. Its tasks include ensuring the interaction of public authorities and organizations on issues of mobilization training and mobilization, social and legal protection of citizens of the Russian Federation participating in a special military operation, and their families.

At the first meeting, it was decided to create five subgroups within the group in the main areas: the development of mobilization capacities, the mobilization registration of citizens, the material and technical support of the NWO participants, support for their families, and military-patriotic education and upbringing of citizens.

The working group, which includes representatives of both chambers of the federal parliament and all parliamentary parties, the Ministry of Defense, leaders of public organizations, leading war correspondents, will constantly monitor the provision of mobilized citizens and a number of other issues related to the SVO.

Also, the tasks of the group include participation in information and explanatory work on issues related to mobilization training and mobilization, analysis of the state of work on the patriotic education of youth and preparation of proposals on the production of products necessary to meet the needs of all types of troops and military formations.

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