And happiness was so possible. Yes, the resuscitator interfered

Dropper Vanya (Denis Prytkov, right) with an armless partner (Nikita Nikitin) is one of the rare righteous people who drip onto the brain of society.  Photo: Frame from the film

Dropper Vanya (Denis Prytkov, right) with an armless partner (Nikita Nikitin) is one of the rare righteous people who drip onto the brain of society. Photo: Frame from the film

The personal plot of Ilya Aksenov was the fervent survival of compatriots in conditions that are not conducive to survival, and even more provocative. Deadly diseases and saints of the 90s – this circle of topics could easily make him an icon of aching export cinema, but Aksenov did not go the path of a bore and did not become an icon. Even in plague circumstances, his heroes retain a note of life impudence and human rules, and this is no longer for the agenda, not for the “all-throwers”. Double threads of the heating main, along which, holding hands, the heroes of the series “Peace! Friendship! Chewing gum! ”, Blessed by the good ghosts of the unlived, have become a symbol of his cinema. And the film “Relatives”, where a hard worker (mandatory for Aksyonov’s cinema Sergey Stepin) on the eve of a deadly operation arranged a trip for the family through their favorite nooks and crannies of childhood, overnight became popular.

The new picture will have both darkness and excitement, and Stepin, and good ghosts, which already speaks of a stable author’s manner, despite the replacement screenwriters (all good).

A drug addict (Denis Prytkov) who has jumped off, having settled into an ambulance, takes out problematic bodies from the other world in a state of extreme overdose. Cunning and greedy people (Sergey Lavygin) decide to use his gift for personal enrichment – digging rich Pinocchio in a drug coma with living water without notifying the authorities. Having come to their senses, Pinocchio begin to create the usual repertoire weighing five articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and the resuscitator will always be the last one, who did not let the monkey die to the joy of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the father of the most frostbitten of them is roofing – a colonel of the special services, so vicious that her name even had to be squealed, like a curse or the names of amusing drugs. At the same time, the top video blogger Alko (Anastasia Reznik) is undergoing life-giving procedures, who managed to plant six million signatures on her luxury style and pumped up lips and is completely swollen in every sense. And Stepin, as usual, plays her kind and guilty dad from Blagoveshchensk.

The reorientation of serial production towards young people, which has been noticeable in recent years, has revealed a depressing trend. The wild and greedy morals that reign in this environment were once castigated by the International Panorama program, and before it by the Russian Orthodox Church. If strong authors take up the topic (and this is how it most often happens), you want to put most of the characters of the new honest cinema under the asphalt skating rink (see the films SWZ, Chimera, Giza, Happy End, Mutual Consent and a ton of others). Of course, when the viewer wants to shoot one of the characters in the eye with his heart, this is a sign of real commercial quality, but in large volumes, tin is depressing, and nothing can be done: the truth of life will leave. The world of producers, top bloggers and anonymous federal colonels, drowning in bubbles, may have drowned in it, but there is an angel in the world with a dropper, a firm position and a sense of guilt. Aksenov and the screenwriters of his Noskov and Baranov bring the line out of the darkness into the light, cut off the goats and even make them believe in a one-time transformation of human bio-garbage, which is very rare.

And in order not to finally slide into leaf goodness, they have a taxi driver Seryoga and his performer Nikita Nikitin – the new double emblem of Aksyonov’s cinema. The taxi driver is missing an arm (the artist too), but instead of a walking drama, he moonlights on the embankment as Captain Hook in a camisole and cocked hat, says: “I am her right hand”, fights with his left, and you can’t put handcuffs on him, no matter how hard you try.

But the verdict of the program “International Panorama” nevertheless remains in force: the face of capitalism, which broke with the church, looks like this and will not be different. And the name of the film, of course, is not about saline, but about rare righteous people dripping onto the brain of a swollen society.

Aksyonov and his men seem to be one of them.

They’re also funny, damn it.



Dir. Ilya Aksenov.

Online cinema Premier.

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