Ancient ‘gates to hell’ open to tourists in Turkey

In the ancient city of Hierapolis in western Turkey, a monument was opened for tourists, which at one time was called the “gate to the city of Hades” or “the entrance to the kingdom of the dead.”

It is reported by Ukrinform with reference to DHA.

“This is the entrance to the realm of Hades. We know from ancient sources that Hades and his wife lived for six months on earth and underground. This is the gate through which they went underground – a very interesting and special place. I am glad that it is now open,” said the guide Muharrem Aldybash.

A group of Italian archaeologists found in 2013 the “gateway to the kingdom of Hades” at the excavations of the ancient city of Hierapolis, founded in the 2nd century BC. Then one of the original sources of thermal waters created by the travertine pools of Pamukkale was also discovered. At one time, this area was considered sacred.

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As reported by Ukrinformin the temple built over the “gates to hell”, special rites were performed, using carbon dioxide coming out of one of the caves to demonstrate the power of the gods.


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