Anastasia Makeeva: “Everyone who is really waiting for my husband and I to quarrel and part – they won’t wait!”

Anastasia Makeeva and Roman Malkov

Anastasia Makeeva and Roman Malkov

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Anastasia Makeeva married Romana Malkovawho for her sake left his first wife with four children. The actress assures that she is happy with her husband, despite the negative forecasts of ill-wishers in the spirit of “you can’t build happiness on someone else’s misfortune” …

“My husband’s parents now live with us”

– Anastasia, the eldest son of her husband from a previous marriage with Anastasia Malkova Andrey remained after the divorce of his parents in your family. Have you found a common language with him?

– Oh sure. We have a good relationship. Andrei introduced me to his girlfriend … And last December was full of holidays for us. Andrey turned 18 on the 14th. And my birthday is also in December – the 23rd. The new year turned out to be absolutely family. By the way, the Christmas tree was decorated together with Roma and Andrey.

We met the New Year in our country house near Serpukhov: Roma and I, Romina’s parents, my mom and dad from Krasnodar will come … Andrey invited his girlfriend Ulyana and her parents.

– Often daughters-in-law complain about mothers-in-law. What about you?

– We have an idyll! Moreover, Romina’s parents now live in our country house permanently. There is a comfortable house, all amenities. We take care of them, we took care of financial issues.

My parents and the Romins found a common language from the very first meeting – they saw each other, and an hour later they were talking as if they had known each other for twenty years. My mom loves Roma. And he treats her warmly, and to dad too. In general, with the advent of Roma in my life, I found not only personal love, I also found a large friendly family. And very happy with it.

Let me tell you about an amazing coincidence. My grandmother Anya – my mother’s mother – while she was alive, gathered all our relatives together for family holidays: birthdays, New Year … Roma also had a grandmother Anya, but only it was his father’s mother. And she also brought the whole family together. With the death of both grandmothers, this tradition ended in my family and in Romina. I would like to revive it. Therefore, she invited all relatives to get together for the New Year. Moreover, unfortunately, our parents are not getting younger and it is not clear how many holidays are left that can be celebrated together. Next year, I really hope that Romina’s sisters with their husbands and children will join our family company. I am for family values, I consider the family the most important component of a person’s life.

– How do you put up with your husband after domestic quarrels that happen in all couples?

– The question was baffled. Because we have neither domestic quarrels, nor ideological ones. On the contrary, in case of unforeseen situations, we reassure each other. For example, Roma scratched the car – did not see the curb – got upset, became nervous. I tell him: “Don’t worry, everyone is alive, and this is just a car, we’ll paint it and it will be like new.” He also calms me down. Perhaps this way of perceiving takes us away from the classic quarrels. Everyone who is waiting for us to quarrel and part, cannot wait for this – and will not wait. (laughs)

– Who gets up earlier in the morning – you or your husband?

I usually wake up earlier. But Roma gets out of bed first – he brings me delicious coffee. In this regard, I am absolutely a princess and my husband spoils me. We have not had a single morning that I was left without coffee. In the evening we always go to bed together, never alone – this is also a ritual. Before going to bed, we watch a movie, read the news. I, noticing that my husband closed his eyes, push him: “Are you asleep?” He replies almost cheerfully: “No, I just feel more comfortable listening with my eyes closed.” It looks funny – because, of course, he immediately falls asleep.

Anastasia Makeeva and Roman Malkov

Anastasia Makeeva and Roman Malkov

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

– The media wrote that Roman’s ex-wife Svetlana moved to the USA with three common children, is that true? Did Roman manage to improve relations with his former wife?

– I do not follow the fate of Svetlana. I sincerely wish her happiness. With three younger children, Roma, unfortunately, does not see each other. Missing them very much. We always wait for them with us, we hope that one day they will come.

“The Hungriest New Year”

– The Old New Year is coming, have you had to celebrate the New Year holidays in unexpected places?

– Yes, it happened. I remember the “hungry New Year”. I then worked in the theater in St. Petersburg. On the evening of December 31, she played a performance. Realizing that we would hardly have time to prepare for the celebration on our own, my friend and I – she worked as a theater director – booked a table in advance in a closed restaurant. I note that the amount of the deposit was quite impressive. Arriving at a restaurant and sitting at a table, after a while we found that the waiters were not approaching us. When they tried to figure it out, they explained to us that they also had to order snacks and champagne in advance, we did not do this – and now it seems like there was no food and drinks left, not enough. Unpleasant situation! And the time was already approaching midnight. The guests at the neighboring tables who came before us – they had enough food and champagne – gave me and my friend glasses of champagne. And we were able to at least “raise our glasses” to the coming of the New Year. Then we left this institution and looked for where you can still eat normally. We went to some hotel, they fed us at the bar. And until five in the morning, my friend and the bartender and I sat, talked and told him our hungry fate. Now it’s funny to remember. I had to celebrate the New Year on the plane, flew to Indonesia on tour. When the plane flew over another major city, Russian-speaking passengers – and there were quite a lot of us – jumped up from their seats, took out champagne and glasses and shouted: “The New Year has come, hurray, Happy New Year!”. The plane belonged to some eastern airline, the crew was also eastern. And the flight attendants looked very frightened – by the fact that the Russians, jumping up, were actually rocking the plane. As a result, they even made an announcement over the speakerphone: they say, if you don’t sit down now and stop rocking the plane, then we will be forced to make an emergency emergency landing. It was only after this threat that the passengers eased their holiday spirit a bit.

– If you sum up the outgoing year, what was it like for you?

– Not easy. As well as for our entire country. But notice that everything that is hard to get becomes incredibly expensive and very important. With the beginning of the NWO, the people of Russia rallied, became friendly, a mountain for each other. Time for real heroes. And a lot of people turned out to be heroes – both those who went to the front and those who create in the rear. I often participate in various concerts for military personnel. Incredible feelings – I used to experience them only when I spoke to veterans of the Great Patriotic War. And now young guys and girls are sitting in front of me – the military, and doctors, and volunteers, and volunteers, all of them are heroes … And pride for our country and our people is growing. How many hearts have been opened! People began to treat each other more reverently, faith in God was revived in many … A very significant year in terms of the revival of the Russian spirit and culture, and the struggle for the right to be called the greatest country in the world. No matter how hard they try in neighboring states to destroy the busts of Pushkin, throw mud at the monuments of Catherine and so on, cancel the Russian classics, it is still impossible to devalue the significance and greatness of Russia.

Also, of course, my year was full of trips to the Donbass, to Novorossia – I traveled more than ten cities in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. I plan to go there again soon. I traveled to the garrisons in Russia with performances for our mobilized and volunteers, and in Moscow I go to hospitals to the wounded. I see an incredible inner strength in their eyes – guys even with amputated legs say that “it’s okay, now we will stand on prostheses and return back to the ranks to defend our country.” It is a great honor for me to be able to speak in front of them.

If we talk about my personal achievements, then I play wonderful performances – “The Death of Penelope”, the revived “Mama mia” … The song “My Russia” performed by me on social networks has gained more than five and a half million views and a huge number of warm reviews. For me, this is a personal victory – because, it turns out, I started my career as a solo singer, and even with such a bright song.

– Women’s question: how do you manage to stay so slim?

I don’t follow any special diets. But I lead an active lifestyle. Lots of work, lots of physical work. In winter, my husband and I do not miss the opportunity to go skiing, fortunately, we live near Sokolniki and Losiny Ostrov, where there are ski slopes. And in the summer we ride bicycles. In addition, over the past six months, Roma and I fasted for three months – for religious reasons, not for weight loss. But, nevertheless, it had a positive effect on the figure.


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